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~ Keep pursuing safety ~


Railway Signaling Business

 The railway signal business of Daido Signal progresses with a steady failsafe technology. With changes in circumstances involving in the domestic transport network, the technology required for the railway signaling business has been greatly changed. Nowadays, it is indispensable not only to pursue after speed and safety but also to develop the technology to realize various services in total system of maintenance-free, automation and lavor-saving or in amenity. The railway signal business of Daido Signal supports "life" and "safety" in the countries all over the world as well as in Japan, and is expected to take the significant role and expectation more and more.





~ Fusion of Railway’s Reliability and Advanced Technology,
 Development of New Fields ~


Industry System Business

 Daido Signal commences businesses in industry system field with high reliability technology of railway signaling. Our industrial system business supports an important part of industry from which high reliability is required such as the fire fighting vehicle systems, the car production line systems and the energy conservation support system for the global environmental protection.